War on Poverty 50 Years Later

January 8th, 2014 marked the 50th Anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson's announcement of the War on Poverty in his State of the Union Address on January 8th, 1964.  Later, at Howard University's commencement address on June 4, 1965, President Johnson, a Democrat, said:  

So, unless we work to strengthen the family, to create conditions under which most parents will stay together—all the rest: schools, and playgrounds, and public assistance, and private concern, will never be enough to cut completely the circle of despair and deprivation.

Whatever happened to this vision of strengthening families?  At that time, about 25% of all black children were born outside of marriage.  Now that rate is 75%.  Yet most see economics or race as the main contributing factors to poverty in the black community.

However, the strongest correlation is between family structure and poverty. The family Is the building block of society, and abstinence before marriage is the firm foundation upon which that building is erected.

 Yet, almost no one is teaching children that they should wait until marriage to have sex, and then, after marrying, form a family.

The simple formula of finishing high school, marrying after age 20, and then having children, will have a profound, transforming effect on society.  92 percent of the children born into such families will never know poverty.    Yet 79 percent of the children born to those who do not follow any of this formula will live in poverty.

The District of Columbia's obsession with same sex "rights" and the same sex rights agenda has pushed the welfare of DC youth to the back burner.  The promotion of the acceptance of same sex "rights" and teaching the importance of sexual abstinence are like oil and water; they don't mix. Sexual behavior in the same sex community has traditionally been defined by multiple sexual relationships, even in so call domestic partner or "marriage" relationships.  The response to this definition, which originally occurred as a response to the AIDS epidemic, especially among homosexual males with multiple sex partners, was to promote condom use.  Since having sex with multiple partners is seen as a type of "right", don't expect this response to change any time soon.

Is it any wonder, then, that we don't see any public officials in DC promoting sexual abstinence.  If they do, they will immediately be accosted by the same sex promoting crowd.  Yet bold action needs to be taken now.  We must not sacrifice our youth on the altar of political correctness.  Too many DC politicians have rushed to prove that they are the most same sex friendly. 

Where is the public official willing to stand up and say enough already.  Let's put our youth first.  Sexual abstinence before marriage is a proven track to a successful future.  Every DC youth should hear that message and all the supporting facts behind it.  Then they will be able to decide for themselves if that is a message that they want to embrace.  Stop abusing DC youth and let them choose sexual abstinence.  See the related post on the Right Choices Youth Prevention Corps.