No Bullies! Fight Back against Tolerant Intolerance

The resignation of Brenden Eich under pressure from his boss, Mozilla chairwoman Mitchell Baker should ring alarm bells in everyone's mind.  The outrageous political correctness (political wrongness?) of the shortsighted Mozilla CEO is stunning.

Brendan Eich was the newly appointed and highly qualified Mozilla CEO, who invented JavaScript and would have run the nonprofit foundation that makes one of the leading web browsers.  Five years ago, he donated $1000 to California's Proposition 8 campaign, which successfully lobbied California voters to ban same sex "marriage". (That decision was overturned last summer when the Supreme Court let a lower court ruling stand).

A dating website, OKCupid, that did not like the personal view of Eich on same sex "marriage", prohibited users from accessing their site.  Mozilla's chairwoman Baker said "“We didn’t act like you’d expect Mozilla to act. We didn’t move fast enough to engage with people once the controversy started. We’re sorry. We must do better."

I would agree with Ms. Baker, but in the opposite way that she meant, Mozilla did not do enough to protect Eich's freedom of speech and belief.  She should have backed him up, no matter how much the same sex "marriage" proponents howled. 

I have had a similar experience working with abstinence until marriage sex education here in Washington, DC.  Former school officials called me into private meetings and threatened to make me unwelcome. This has nothing to do with helping students, and everything to do with pushing an intolerant agenda.

In the end, it is the youth that suffer.  Youth don't gain the lifesaving information that if you graduate from high school, don't have a baby outside of marriage, and don't marry before age 20, there is a 9 per cent chance that your child will live in poverty.  If you don't follow any of these rules, there is a 79 per cent chance that your child will live in poverty.

Stop abusing DC youth, and let them choose sexual abstinence based on the facts, not some politically correct viewpoint.  And stop bullying those who express their belief in the institution of marriage.  Speak up and express your beliefs and values.  Let no one hold you hostage to political correctness and intolerance.  It was not Mr. Eich who was intolerant, but those who wanted his head on a platter.  Stop the bullying.  We people of values will fight for our beliefs and basic right to believe, speak and act freely.