Letter to Sears Holding Corporation

I just sent this letter to the CEO of Sears Holding Corporation.   Why not send your own letter?

February 13, 2014


Mr. Edward Lampert

Sears Holding Corporation

3333 Beverly Road

Mailstop RR

Hoffman Estates, IL 60179


Dear Mr. Lampert,


I hope that you had a happy Christmas and New Year’s holiday.


I am writing concerning the very offensive television advertisement for Kmart that ran frequently during the Christmas holiday.  As you know, men with no pants and only boxer underwear on shake and gyrate their hips to jingle bells.


How is this considered an appropriate ad for families?  If you had or have young children, how will you explain this ad to them?  Who is this ad supposed to appeal to; surely not parents with children, or even couples or singles without children?  I had just spent almost $200 at the Big Kmart #4483, receipt # 04483 122213 004 16431  In Annandale, Virginia, when I saw this ad about eight times during a holiday movie on television.  I am sorry that I spent so much at your company.  I would rather have spent it elsewhere, after seeing how little concern you have for the well-being of families and children.  Children and adults, as well, want to see ads that are decent and uplifting, not sexualized and degrading. 


I hope to receive your response and am anxious to see if you would like to keep my business and that of many other consumers like me.


I am the Executive Director of Urban Life Training, an organization that raises youth leaders to model and teach about the benefits of sexual abstinence before marriage in preparation for successful family formation. I will weight your response in consideration of whether or not to recommend that our clientele not shop at Sears or Kmart.



 Richard Urban

Urban Life Training